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I am grateful to the TM4SURE team for efficient work, their help with solving of difficult problems, professional consultations and timely availability of their services. We will recommend them to all our partners who need IP services.

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Professional work, the dedication, fast positive result and personal approach of the company. We highly recommend their services and would be glad to use them again in the future.

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We are very pleased that the protection has been granted now for all the goods and services. We are very satisfied with the quality of services and with our cooperation.

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Experience of success

even in cases of a 90-100% match with earlier-filed trademarks

Even if the Refusal is caused by a 90-100% wording match with an earlier-filed trademark, there is a number of strong reasons which can be accepted by the Examining Authority as Valid Arguments in favor of registration and will allow you to register your trademark.

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  • We receive from you the registration number and analyze the refusal.

  • Send you a short list of questions concerning the refusal.

  • Analyze your situation for the presence of strong arguments and provide you with the success probability evaluation.

  • Prepare a Response in favor of registration.

  • Send the Response and wait for the decision of the Examiner.
    In case of a favorable decision, you get the registration within 1.5-2 months.

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Examples from our experience

Refused Mark: Refusal Reason: Status after the Response filing:

Earlier-filed trademark:

(owned by CHANEL S.A.R.L.)

100% Match

Earlier-filed trademark:

95% Wording match

Earlier-filed trademark:

90% Match

Earlier-filed trademark:

95% Match

Refusal was caused by the fact that claimed mark was shown to be a common term for providing hosting services and had no distinguishing capacity

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